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Level Up's Complete Care package for Businesses in the Bay Area

Our entry-level package is a managed IT service with a difference. Most IT vendors only provide reactive services, in the form of Centralized Services and Helpdesk. Level Up’s clients have access to all of the following:

help desk

24/7 remote and onsite enduser support that’s just one phone call or email away

technology alignment

Regular infrastructure audits to make sure your technology is aligned with your goals

Centralized Services

Enterprise tools to monitor and maintain your entire network and devices

Virtual CIO

Strategic guidance with specific key recommendations and initiatives

Data Backup and Recovery

Scheduled backup verifications to ensure all your data is protected and healthy

Vendor Liaison

We work with 3rd party vendors on your behalf, enabling you to focus on other important tasks


Utilizing specialized services, we are able to keep our clients protected from those who compromise their data

Email Security Solutions

We implement email encryption and layer multiple security solutions, reducing spam and phishing emails

Professional services

Benefit from custom designed projects that put the right solutions in place, when and where you need them.

Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Migrations

Switch to an enterprise business solution that will elevate your business to the next level

HIPAA and SOC 2 Compliance

Our experts help you establish the necessary processes and requirements to keep you fully compliant, avoiding penalties

VoIP Solutions

Try our simple and secure solution for unified communications and collaboration across your business

Our Level Up Approach

Solutions designed to problem solve, support and safeguard

Four core elements comprise the Level Up Approach:

  • Concierge Support
  • Constant Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Strategic Partnership
  • Continual Technology Improvement

By owning and executing on these elements, we create the ideal scenario of increased productivity, predictable IT expenses, competitive advantage, and peace of mind. In other words, when you’re ready to build your business, raise morale, and sleep better at night, we’re there to help you.

What sets our San Jose IT company apart from our competitors


We make getting help convenient, super easy and fast.


We make our customers a priority and promise a fast response time no matter what it takes.


We are not perfect. We will make mistakes, but we are always leveling up our internal processes to make sure issues don’t reoccur.


Our proprietary process from the initial onboarding to regular security maintenance.


Our very experienced and knowledgeable team that is able to resolve your issues.

Why Choose LevelUp MSP?

Because we’ve been there and done it.

Our proprietary processes for onboarding, maintenance, and strategic vision provide everything you need for a successful IT Infrastructure. With LevelUp MSP as your outsourced IT partner, you experience:

  • Less Downtime

    That means greater productivity.

  • Fewer Issues

    We nip problems in the bud.

  • Routine Audits

    Ongoing security assessments to ensure you are protected.

  • Infrastructure Protection

    Protect and enhance the efficiency of your organization’s IT systems.

  • Fixed IT Budget

    Know your IT expenses in advance.

  • Business Continuity

    Backup and disaster recovery best practices.

Got a question?

No matter how big or small your San Francisco Bay Area Business is

We can build a tailored or custom solution for your business.
Get the competitive edge that you need.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

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A cyber attack can shut down a business’s operations for days, weeks, or even for good. Backup systems, business applications, and important data sets can be compromised and be of little value in the response and recovery phases of such a disaster. The aftermath of a cyber attack can greatly damage a company’s reputation and create legal implications that can literally put a company out of business.

Managed IT Services

At LevelUp MSP, our goal is to be your IT vendor for life! Our team firmly believes in putting people first. We exemplify this belief via our process-based approach that delivers consistent and streamlined service. Our combined knowledge and approach ensures that your business functions with minimal downtime.

Our Managed IT Services energizes your IT, turning it into a competitive advantage. With our guidance, you’ll experience a major IT transformation, moving from a break/fix, reactive environment to one that’s proactive, highly reliable, and process driven.

IT Consulting

We start the process by performing a technology alignment of your infrastructure. This assessment reveals risks within your environment when compared with industry standards. We then take what we’ve learned and sit down with you to share our findings and recommendations based on risk and priority.

From this interactive strategic discussion, initiatives and recommendations are created to provide a multi-year IT roadmap and budget that meets your business needs. This process allows us to make sure your business thrives and leverages IT as a competitive advantage.

Business Continuity Services

Protect your business by implementing a LevelUp MSP Business Continuity Plan for peace of mind in the event of a disaster caused by fire, flood, cybercriminals, or hardware failure. This plan outlines the policies and procedures your business needs to follow when recovering from such an event.

A Business Recovery Plan shouldn’t be confused with a Disaster Recovery Plan. A Disaster Recovery Plan mainly focuses on restoring IT infrastructure after a crisis, whereas a Business Continuity Plan focuses on how your business can resume sales, receive customer calls, process orders and shipments, and get back to work. Because this plan covers much more than just disaster recovery, it’s much more valuable to your business.


Why clients in San Francisco are choosing us!

Simple! Our proprietary processes for onboarding, maintenance, and strategic vision provides everything you need for a successful IT Infrastructure. Our Level Up Approach ensures a unique IT strategy for your organization based on a comprehensive picture of your business operations.

“Your team is friendly, responsive, technically skilled and very reliable. The bottom line is that we worry less about IT issues than ever before with less downtime to our system.”

– Robert S.

“My company has nothing but great things to say about Level Up! When we started, we were shocked at the level of knowledge Jimmy and his team has. Since starting, we can tell how much more efficient all our equipment is working. There communication is above and beyond. They respond to your calls and emails very quickly, which is important when systems can crash. Doesn’t matter how big or small a problem can be, they will fix it! Level Up gives my company a piece of mind that everything is secure and under control. Using Level Up as our IT company is one of the best decisions we made.”

– Tayler B.

“I have been working with LevelUp MSP since the first day of our operation. We were constructing a brand new dental office and Jimmy designed and implemented all the computer and IT needs of the office. He is a true professional that was on time, on budget and responsive to our changing needs as the office was growing over time. I recommend working with Jimmy and his team to all my colleagues. “

– Ali Z.

“Since we joined LevelUp MSP’s ongoing support client base, I can tell you that I sleep a lot better at night. Before Level Up, our IT ran in a reactive mode characterized by costly downtime and expensive repairs. Jimmy’s program has put us in a proactive mode that finds and fixes potential problems before they can impact our business.
And that’s where we want to be! Their response time is great and we normally get a call shortly after we submit a support ticket. I truly believe that Jimmy Tran and team are doing right by us and I trust their direction. I would not hesitate to recommend LevelUp MSP to any other business.”

– Matthew S.

“They are professional, responsive, and attentive to our unique needs. In recent years, I have also counted on them to identify my future IT needs before these needs are even apparent to my team.”

– Ryan S.

“Working with Jimmy and the team at Level Up has been an absolute lifesaver! In the past, we’ve worked with other IT companies and their response time could be hours, even days. Level Up responds immediately, even on weekends and after hours.”

– Jeannine L.

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