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Technology Alignment and Infrastructure Audit Services from San Jose IT firm, LevelUp MSP

At LevelUp MSP, we offer in-depth IT infrastructure audit opportunities that help you grow and enhance functionality by gaining invaluable insights through audit reports.

We will advise you on the best course of action based on your individual information systems while concurrently ensuring your IT security. Modern businesses rely heavily on their IT infrastructure, which makes it an indispensable component.

As risk exposure grows, the security landscape evolves, and regulations become more stringent. Entrusting a competent and reliable IT provider to implement and support your IT infrastructure has become essential.

An Infrastructure Audit is a technical evaluation process that assesses the performance of your systems, information security vulnerabilities, access control, applications, and network to determine their current status.

The audit ensures that all systems are functioning optimally in line with your business requirements.

Conducting an Infrastructure Audit is crucial to maintain a stable, efficient, and thriving IT infrastructure. The audit provides an in-depth analysis of the IT environment and insight into what needs to be improved within the infrastructure.

The objective is to identify inefficiencies and errors in the IT systems and promptly fix any issues.

An Infrastructure Audit is highly recommended for organizations intending to undertake new projects, upgrade security policies with additional cybersecurity, data security, assess project efficiency, identify errors in IT infrastructure operation, or plan to outsource their IT infrastructure to ensure disaster recovery and lower downtime.

Our methodology for implementing an IT Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure Inspection

Whether it’s a network, a dedicated platform, a complex set of applications, or any other form of software architecture, we possess the tools and expertise to conduct a thorough analysis of your IT systems, data security, evaluate each component’s performance “brick-by-brick,” and offer valuable recommendations for your security policies.

Operability Analysis

In situations where a full security audit is unnecessary, and you need targeted IT organization and optimization, we can examine individual areas or elements of a larger architecture to ensure their viability and proper operation of your security controls.

Budgeting and roadmapping

Our management process outlines the metrics in our audit trail, which stem from thorough individual analysis, which comes in the form of budget-defining reports and business scaling roadmaps. These resources drive projects and products toward market success, making them convenient and valuable tools for achieving business goals.

Post Audit Optimization

In addition to generating recommendations through auditing efforts, we can also assist you in implementing changes identified in the post-audit report. This may involve leveraging the service providers that are available for hire and specialize in handling sensitive data.

The Benefits of Our Infrastructure Audit Services

Access To Technology

By partnering with LevelUp MSP professionals, you can gain immediate access to cutting-edge software and security auditing technologies and tools to assist troubleshooting your information security and vulnerabilities. These resources are designed to streamline the underlying processes and aspects of your system for optimal performance.

Streamlined Performance

Using the best auditing practices, well tried-and-tested approaches, and immense experience in the field, we conduct an in-depth infrastructure audit that helps you accelerate troubleshooting, to implement increased functionality and smooth out your software across the board.

Better Personalization

Conducting an audit in a timely manner can help identify critical issues and vulnerabilities. This can lead to improved usability and a more efficient means of satisfying the individual needs of your specific users and IT systems.

Optimized Expenses

Thorough analysis of business and technology requirements enables rationalization of the necessary software-related expenses and optimization of overall costs. This is achieved through in-depth inspections of the relevant systems and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infrastructure Audits

Which organization needs an Infrastructure Audit?

  • Organizations seeking to enhance the efficiency of their IT systems or embark on a new project are advised to undergo an IT Infrastructure Audit.

When is an Infrastructure Audit required to be performed?

  • Your organization is growing and hiring new staff in need of authentication, permissions and access control.
  • Your organization plans to change or upgrade some of its core IT systems.
  • More than 2 years have passed since your last security audit was conducted.
  • You have concerns about cybersecurity or functionality of your current IT provider.

What do we cover in our Infrastructure Audit?

  • Systems and Applications: We verify that systems and applications are suitable, efficient, and adequately controlled to ensure valid, reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of system activity.
  • Information Processing Facilities: We ensure that processing facilities are controlled to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.
  • System Development: We verify that systems under development meet the organization’s objectives and are developed in accordance with generally accepted standards for systems development.
  • IT and Enterprise Architecture: Our team validates whether IT management has established an organizational structure and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing.
  • Telecoms, Intranets, and Extranets: We assess whether adequate telecommunication controls are in place for client (computer receiving services), server, and the network connecting clients and servers.

What Infrastructure do we support?

  • Operating Systems
  • Network Devices
  • Internal systems
  • Security Controls

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