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IT Consulting & Strategic Planning Services from San Jose IT Firm, LevelUp MSP

LevelUp MSP offers a wide range of interconnected IT consulting services, ranging from visioning and strategic planning to design and commissioning. Our clientele includes nationally recognized organizations in both the public and private sector, such as corporate, healthcare, education markets, and more. Our expertise in system design and strategic technology consulting successfully links strategy, systems, and infrastructure.

Our team of Strategic Planning and Technology Management consultants has a diverse range of experience. They are former practitioners from private sectors who possess a deep understanding of institutional issues as well as strategic planning processes. In addition to providing comprehensive strategic technology planning services, we also offer expert consulting in business continuity planning, initiatives roadmap, disaster avoidance and recovery planning, organizational development and transition planning, and financial modeling and assessments to help you reach your business goals.

Our Strategic Planning Services

IT Governance Design & Implementation

With the increasing organizational reliance on IT systems, having a reliable structure to support decision-making and business strategy is critical. Our IT governance program provides an effective framework to support your organization’s mission. We offer various services, from facilitating design workshops to assisting with implementing your IT governance structure and even initial meetings to ensure buy-in from all stakeholders to start the project off.

IT Organizational Assessments

Comparing your IT organization’s operations against peers is a widely adopted practice across industries. It helps you evaluate and enhance your technology performance and tailor your information technology approach to your unique culture and services. We conduct an analysis of your financial, staffing, project management and service organizations to identify potential areas for improvement and opportunities. Based on this analysis, we provide you with a prioritized IT strategy roadmap to meet your institution’s IT infrastructure needs effectively and efficiently.

IT Service Delivery: Service Catalog Creation

Effective delivery of IT services is crucial for organizations as these services support their mission, action plan and IT environment. Implementing a service catalog can transform IT units into a service-oriented organization that facilitates organizational outcomes. We can assist you in creating a service catalog that includes assessing IT strategy and support levels, designing a service catalog structure, and soliciting executive and facilitation of user feedback to help you understand how IT services are delivered at your organization.

Data Management & Governance

The importance of organizing and making sense of data is greater than ever as organizations are inundated with data. Proper data governance ensures the protection and availability of data to stakeholders for decision-making. We can assist your organization in managing and governing data effectively, from designing data governance programs to communicating these concepts throughout the organization. Our strategic planning services will ensure that your data governance and initiatives are built on a strong foundation.

IT Strategy Roadmap

Our IT strategy consultants use their expertise in business strategy and technology to develop an integrated IT environment for your organization.

Our approach includes four focused activities: business goals and IT alignment, IT current state analysis, IT future state vision, and IT strategy roadmap formulation.

The final deliverable is a strategic IT roadmap that defines the desired future state, the major initiatives, and the priorities for implementation.

  • Business and IT Alignment:
    Our first step in developing an integrated IT strategy for your organization is to align your business objectives with IT services.

    We review your mission, vision, goals, and strategy to determine how IT can support your business strategy and deliver value. We also explore what new IT infrastructure can form the basis for new business models.

  • IT Current State Analysis:
    Here we conduct an assessment of the current IT environment, including the organization’s data centers, networks, equipment, documentation, and use of cloud computing.

    We also assess the health of the current IT applications portfolio, with a combination of online user surveys and in-person interviews, ranking each major business system in terms of its importance to the organization, its actual management value, and its technical quality.

    This gives us an early indication concerning which systems are the highest priority candidates for optimization, nurturing, replacement, or upgrading.

  • IT Future State Vision:
    At this stage, we envision a future state where IT systems, technology, people, and processes are fully aligned with the business strategy, and we can explore new and innovative technologies through “art of the possible” workshops.

    Then, we conduct a gap analysis to compare the current and future states.

  • IT Strategy Roadmap:
    In the formulation stage, we define the metrics of the IT roadmap and create strategic objectives that outline the path to achieving your desired future state.

    This strategic IT roadmap includes descriptions and budgetary estimates for each initiative. Strategic initiatives can include upgrades, technology investments, organizational changes, process improvements, governance structures, and risk management programs.

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