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Level Up your Managed IT Services

At Level Up MSP, our goal is to be your IT vendor for life! Our team firmly believes in putting people first. We exemplify this belief via our process-based approach that delivers consistent and streamlined service. Our combined knowledge and approach ensures that your business functions with minimal downtime.

Our Managed IT Services energizes your IT, turning it into a competitive advantage. With our guidance, you’ll experience a major IT transformation, moving from a break/fix, reactive environment to one that’s proactive, highly reliable, and process driven.

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Our IT services are executed in four key ways

Concierge Support

  • 24/7 remote and onsite end-user support that’s just one phone call or email away.
  • VIP handling of your issues to resolve them quickly (often with one call).
  • Seasoned engineers, not entry level technicians, as your first line of support.

Strategic Partnership

  • We partner with you to develop a Business Continuity Plan that enables your business to be up and running after different levels of emergencies.
  • Our project planning and design team delivers projects on time and on budget every time.
  • Processes and procedures, software licensing and management, and warranty and hardware lifecycle management are all fully managed and documented with our tools.
  • Vital education and user training protect your network and its users from criminal activity and other potential threats.

Constant Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Enterprise level tools to monitor and maintain your entire network, including desktops, servers, firewalls, switches, and storage devices. Our constant monitoring provides insight into any network bottlenecks for timely resolutions.
  • We customize the alerts of our remote monitoring tools to centrally manage your entire network.
  • Enterprise backup solution ensures backups are completed and sent offsite daily. Our engineers perform complete backup restorations on a regular basis.
  • Managed email security helps reduce the number of spam and phishing attempts, to limit your exposure to cyber crime threats.

Continual Technology Improvement

  • Regular onsite infrastructure audits to make sure your technology is aligned with your goals.
  • We continually develop and update our best practices and standards, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • A dedicated vCIO (virtual chief information officer) provides strategic guidance on the latest technology. We create an IT Roadmap specific to your business with key recommendations and initiatives based on your technology alignment.

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