9 Myths People Believe About IT (INFOGRAPHIC) 2023

There are numerous myths about IT in the workplace. Some of them are pretty minor such as, “the printer always runs out of ink when there’s an important report to print”. Other ones can be downright dangerous such as, “No one would want to hack into our little business. We’re not even on the radar.”

We’re in the business of helping our client bust through the dangerous myths and take a proactive stance towards the role of IT in their businesses. That’s why our clients sleep well at night and have a competitive advantage in their industry.

We hope this infographic we put together will help you to think a little more deeply about some of the beliefs you have around IT and whether they’re actually myths that could hurt your business if held onto for much longer.

So, which of these myths do you believe? If you have some questions around some of them, we’d be happy to answer them. You can always schedule a call with our, Jimmy. Jimmy loves helping business owners get past mythical beliefs and leverage IT proactively to build a better business.