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As a builder or trade provider, your company faces unique challenges of winning bids, working safely, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing costs. Your IT network must be up to these challenges too, with strong data security, reliable any location accessibility, and robust backup and online availability, not to mention the capability to handle complex diagrams, digital blueprints, animations, and building information modeling.

If any of these network issues: security, accessibility, availability, and performance have been problematic for you in the past, it’s likely that they’ll only get worse in the future without proper management and maintenance, precisely the kind of IT and network services that LevelUp MSP provides to its construction and trade industry clients

Network Security: More Important Than Ever

It’s a fact of life that hackers are everywhere, trying to steal your data, your confidential bids, your suppler network information, and your customer and prospects records. And once data thieves breach your security and enter your network, the damage they do can have devastating results to your projects and your business.

Data security is a something that we at LevelUp MSP take very seriously, and we’ve perfected the technologies and training needed to keep your data safe from ransomware, theft, unauthorized access, and malevolent alteration or use.

From a technology standpoint, we’re ready to provide your network with:

  • Proper technology infrastructure to make sure you can work with your CAD and other tools properly and efficiently.
  • Advanced security services to ensure proper security measures are in place and monitored 24/7
  • A technology alignment process to ensure your security is always up to date to protect against ransomware, phishing attacks, and other security threats.
  • 24/7 availability to help you with any technology issues so you can submit your bids and complete projects on time.

At LevelUp MSP, we’re proactive about IT network operations – always working to prevent problems from happening in the first place – so you can run your business with confidence, clarity, and true peace of mind.

Safeguarding the Weakest Link in your Data Security

Studies show that most data intrusions are the result of infiltration via phishing and fraudulent contact rather than firewall breaches or hacking attacks on physical infrastructure. Network users susceptible to phishing and similar scams are the weak links that criminals seek to exploit, and once a password is stolen the door into your network and business is left wide open for the bad guys.

At LevelUp MSP, we combat these fraudulent tactics through educational training that teaches all your network users how to recognize and combat phish emails and other Trojan Horses. Our end-user training classes, often conducted at your primary place of business, cover:

– Phishing and ways to recognize it.
– What to do immediately if you click on a poisoned link.
– Other types of fraudulent contact techniques.
– Ways to fight back that are effective and legal.

Consider us as your primary security provider, always there with the technology and the knowledge to keep your network and your staff secure from data thieves and other cyber criminals.

Anytime Anywhere Accessibility

Your industry is special in that your “office” can be anywhere you’re building or working on a project. Aside from your actual office locations, your company and its workers can be scattered across any number for diverse locations. Yet everyone needs to be connected via a secure network at all times and from any place, often via tablets and smartphones.

Providing this kind of anytime-anywhere accessibility is a LevelUp MSP specialty, and we’re dedicated to keeping your data communications channels open, clear, reliable and secure, so your team and its vendors can collaborate with efficiency and confidence.

Keeping Your Team Efficient

When any part of your network goes down, the effects can ripple through your organization, with potentially serious consequences for your staff and your clients. Trying the fix the problem in-house can be frustrating, time consuming, and often only partially successful. When faced with solving complex IT issues, the efficiency of your team suffers because time spent on IT issues is time spent away from their real jobs.

Improving and maintaining staff efficiency is a LevelUp MSP specialty. A single call into our 24/7 service desk puts you in direct contact with one of our real-person IT experts, a professional who more often than not can diagnose the problem and walk you through the solution over the phone. For more complex issues, we can be there on site at your place of business to analyze the problem and install the solution.

Our all inclusive service package means that you can contact us anytime you need help, without incurring additional charges or fees.

Network downtime can have a domino effect in terms of delays, cost overruns, wasted materials, and costly mistakes, all headaches that no competitive business can afford. With Service Support from LevelUp MSP, your staff can function at maximum efficiency all the time, free of worry from potential IT downtime and the hassles of trying to fix it yourself.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is our ultimate objective because it implies that your needs for data security, accessibility, network performance, and staff efficiency are being addressed and maintained.

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