Google Calendar has a great update for hybrid workers

Did you catch the newest productivity boost from our pals at Google?

Google Calendar now sports a nifty feature that’s perfect for the modern hybrid worker. Recall 2021? That’s when they unveiled the ability to broadcast your work location to teammates. Well, they’ve amped it up!

You can now plot multiple locations in a single day. Whether you’re hopping between the office and your home, or you’re a dynamic mobile worker, Google’s got your back.

Imagine being in the office for a short stint, then off to a client rendezvous. With this upgrade, your team will pinpoint exactly when and where you’ll be.

Google’s mission? Making us work efficiently. Recognizing the blend of remote and office work many are adopting, they’ve tailor-made this feature for hybrid professionals.

Here’s the catch: it’s exclusive to Workspace account holders, including:

  • Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus
  • Enterprise Standard/Plus
  • Education tiers from Fundamentals to Plus
  • The Teaching and Learning Upgrade
  • Nonprofits

Those with personal accounts will have to wait a bit longer.

By default, the work location feature is active. But, if you’re looking for some incognito moments (we get it, everyone needs a breather), you can toggle it off with ease.