Stop! And think, before you act on that email

Diving into emails without paying much attention? It’s a routine task, right? Whether it’s data requests or invoice payments, we often act on autopilot. Yet, within moments, you could become the latest victim of a Business Email Compromise (BEC) attack.

A BEC is when cyber villains infiltrate your professional email and, posing as senior personnel, mislead your staff, clients, or partners to send funds or confidential details. It might seem like a hazard reserved for giant enterprises, but reality speaks differently.

The FBI states that even small to medium enterprises are equally exposed to BEC threats as their larger counterparts. Shockingly, BEC episodes have drained businesses of an astonishing $26 billion in recent years. Microsoft’s latest data adds to the concern, indicating a surge in the menace and its increasing stealth.

How do you shield your establishment from BEC onslaughts? Consider our recommendations:

  1. Empower Your Staff: They’re your primary BEC defense line. Equip them with the skills to identify dubious emails, strange requests, and counterfeit bills. Continuously enlighten them about cyber hygiene essentials: robust passcodes, two-factor authentication, and encrypted file exchanges.
  2. Adopt Superior Email Security: Standard email guards like anti-spam or antivirus tools aren’t sufficient. Embrace avant-garde systems employing AI and machine cognition for instant BEC deterrence. Seek providers specializing in DMARC, SPF, and DKIM services.
  3. Initiate Verification Routines: Prior to approving transactions, validate the legitimacy of solicitations via phone discussions, video chats, or direct meetings. Refrain from using only email for affirmations.
  4. Scrutinize Email Activities: Routinely survey email operations for irregularities. Keep an eye out for unfamiliar sources, aberrant sign-in spots, email setting alterations, and unanticipated messages. Establish a robust framework for documenting and managing dubious occurrences.
  5. Stay Updated: Persistently use the freshest editions of your OS, email tools, and diverse software. Such upgrades frequently incorporate crucial defense solutions tackling identified weak points.

BEC strikes are proliferating in number and intricacy. But armed with proper knowledge, education, and defensive tools, your enterprise remains fortified.

Delaying isn’t an option – act now to safeguard your business. Don’t let cyber threats overshadow your business’s success. If you’re facing uncertainties or challenges surrounding email and cyber security, LevelUp is your trusted ally. We specialize in offering tailor-made solutions and expert guidance to navigate the complex world of digital threats. Don’t navigate this landscape alone! Contact us and ensure your business’s digital frontier is resilient and secure.