Why We Re-Branded to LevelUp MSP

One of the big changes we made in 2019 was to re-brand our company from JT Solutions to LevelUp MSP. This change was made so that our name better reflected what we do, which is to “level up” our clients’ IT infrastructure through superior support methodology and a true proactive approach.

For the first six years of our company, our goal was to deliver proactive-style IT support by remote monitoring endpoints and automated scripts to take care of maintenance. That seemed like the right approach at the time, but now, when we look back, it’s plain to see that our approach was not nearly as proactive as we would have wanted it to be. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • We always waited for customers to call regarding issues.
  • We reacted to our system health monitors when an alert was raised.
  • We waited for customers to inquire about their infrastructure before we suggested upgrades/updates.
  • We waited for something to break before we fixed and evaluated the solution.

In fact, our prior approach was highly reactive and it put us in a downward spiral of reactive support tickets. Who wants to be dealing with these sorts of issues all day? We sure don’t. Our clients definitely don’t want to be calling in with recurring and non-recurring issues.

By following the support methodology of Gary Pica at TruMethods, I awakened to the fact that we were anything but proactive, and I wanted to make a change. Our clients are expecting true proactive support and we needed to deliver on what we were promising. From this realization the Level Up Approach was born and, hence, the new name for our company.

Throughout 2018, I spent countless hours learning about how to be proactive. The keys, I found out , were to perform continual technology Improvements and to build strong two-way strategic partnerships with every client.  Here’s what each element entails:

Continual Technology Improvements

  • We visit you once per quarter to align your technology with our rigorously updated best practices and standards.
  • We visually inspect all devices to check for any hardware issues we aren’t aware of.
  • We manually assess each computer, device, or server to ensure that it’s functioning as it should along with tracking software and firmware updates.
  • We review past tickets to see if there are any recurring issues that need to be addressed.
  • We invest additional face time with clients because such interaction
    ALWAYS bring up issues that would have otherwise gone unmentioned.

Strategic Partnership

  • A report is generated after the technology alignment process is complete. We thoroughly review the report and derive the proper strategic initiatives to ensure your company is leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.  Sometimes it’s finding a new way to do things. Other times what’s needed is a quick patch to remedy the issue.
  • All initiatives are strategically placed on the IT Road Map so you can budget for them.
  • A 30–60–minute quarterly face to face meeting is scheduled to review your budgeting, planning, and strategic initiatives for the next 3-36 months. During the meeting, we also work to understand your short and long-term business goals to determine ways we can help you achieve them.

As you can see, there’s a world of difference between the reactive and the proactive approach. In the former, we’re waiting for things to break while in the latter we’re ahead of the game by keeping things updated, secured, and transparent. This is the proven TruMethods concept that we’ve successfully implemented with our clients.

We’re proud that our name now accurately reflects our prime value proposition. The Level Up Approach can benefit just about any company, so please give us a call today to see how we can proactively solve and “level up” your IT challenges before they morph into costly problems.

Level IP MSP