You might have to pay Microsoft for updates

Microsoft has announced that after October 14, 2025, they will discontinue free support and security updates for Windows 10. This decision marks a pivotal shift as Windows 10 will have reached a decade of service by then, and it is likely that Microsoft will have introduced Windows 12, with Windows 11 already in circulation.

Maintaining several outdated operating systems is a complex and resource-intensive endeavor, even for a giant like Microsoft. This strategic move encourages users to transition to newer, more secure systems.

While 2025 may seem distant, it’s prudent to start evaluating your options now. Here they are:

Option 1: Upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 11, which boasts advanced features and will continue to receive free updates until its designated end of support. This upgrade could significantly enhance your team’s productivity and ensure ongoing security enhancements.

Option 2: Continue Using Windows 10 with Paid Updates

Choosing to remain on Windows 10 is viable; however, it will require purchasing ongoing security updates. This does not include new feature additions and the costs could potentially involve a subscription model for monthly updates. The exact pricing has yet to be disclosed.

Option 3: Retain Windows 10 Without Updates

Persisting with Windows 10 without opting for paid updates is another option, though it is highly inadvisable. This approach exposes your systems to potential security vulnerabilities and risks, especially without Microsoft’s support for troubleshooting and updates. This route is strongly discouraged due to the significant security implications it poses.

You have until October 2025 to make your decision, providing ample time to plan and prepare. Nonetheless, for the ongoing security and efficiency of your business, transitioning to Windows 11 sooner rather than later is advisable. An early upgrade to Windows 11 not only secures access to the latest features but also streamlines your operations and enhances overall workflow efficiency.

If you’re contemplating the shift to Windows 11 or exploring alternative avenues, we’re here to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free transition. Feel free to reach out.